Helping your child cope up with exam anxiety

Exam time is tough on everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are done with the studies, or you have to pull an all-nighter before the exam. The anxiety is always there and eats at your brains all day long. It’s not uncommon to have anxiety before exams, but it’s not great either because it doesn’t let you get work done. However, there are ways to help reduce anxiety before exams and have a clearer head.

Start by preparing for the exam
The easiest way of eliminating or completely avoiding anxiety in the first place is by having a proper study timetable set. A clear understanding of what you know, what needs to be revised and what needs to be done later, can help you remain focused. It will also give you the confidence that the other tasks will get done too. A set timetable, if followed well, should leave you with no room for being anxious about the upcoming exam.

Eat well and sleep well
Even before a few days of your exam when you’re preparing it is necessary to have energy and a clear head. If you’re eating well and sleeping for a good 6-8 hours, this can be achieved. Keeping your body well fed and well slept will help you tremendously throughout your examination. Your brain will have the energy it needs, and it will also require appropriate rest so make sure you give that to yourself.

Focus on your breathing and relax your body
It is a little exercise that can be done in all walks of your life. But honestly, this works so well for calming those exam time nerves. Focusing on your breathing will help you stay in the moment and gather yourself if you’re starting to feel overwhelmed. Relaxing your body on purpose can also trick your mind into relaxing which can help you stay calm before and during the examination.

Separate anxiety-ridden thoughts
Making sure that you understand which of your ideas are irrational anxiety-ridden fears and which are more realistic outcomes is essential. If you’re able to separate the negative thoughts that make you feel anxious from reality, it will help to ground you. It will also help to have a clearer perspective on things.

Not all thoughts and predictions we have are true; they are sometimes a figment of imagination created by our anxious minds. One should learn to eliminate such thoughts from their head.

Get to your exam early and don’t look at others
On the day of the exam if it’s possible, then you should get to your college as early as you can. Feeling rushed can make you feel more anxious so pack up everything the night before and leave no room for being late or forgetting things.

Also during the exam, concentrate on your work and try not to get distracted by others. Don’t get anxious about what others are writing. It will make you feel more anxious.

In some places, anxiety can be good and necessary. Though, high levels of anxiety don’t let you breathe and can be very harmful to the brain and the body. If these tips don’t work out for you, it is quite possible that you’re experiencing high levels of anxiety which should be checked out by a professional.