Gadgets and Children – Pros & Cons of Electronic Gadgets

Nowadays, children start playing with gadgets right from a very early age. It’s not something surprising anymore. However, gadgets do not include mobile alone but various other electronic devices like Tablets, Handy games and more. And definitely, these products are targeted at the young generation. You can’t blame the kids alone; even parents use them with children to have their space which results in something dangerous later.

Using electronic devices can bring in some great benefits. Like for your child’s homework, online courses and more. But allowing it in excess may lead to its own negative impacts. Here are some pros and cons of using gadgets, while giving you some tips on how to handle the usage of them.

Benefits of using Gadgets

– For children younger than five, it helps as stimuli. It can be used to promote the ability to learn and even for speech. The visual representation of the young ones can be advantageous to increase their senses.
– Games through gadgets promote cognitive learning and analytical skills. This helps the child to increase their innovative thoughts, strategic thinking and more to be creative and productive.
– Using it may result in the improved status of learning the technology better and get more natural with it in the go.
– Scientists say that the kids who are exposed to technologies have good eye coordination and quicker decision making skill.
– Games that provide progress level gaming helps the child to be motivated. Moreover, it develops the managing skill and as well as the boost to achieve his goals in real life.

Children with electronic devices and books

Disadvantages of using Gadgets

– Young Children using gadgets may lose the ability to explore, where they stop themselves from learning. The learning includes basic things like walking, speech, playing with a ball, eating, etc.
– The kids getting into gadget life may lack n outdoor activity. It is important to spend their maximum time outdoor exploring and learning various things.
– Kids who are used to playing violent games tend to develop an aggressive nature. They are more prone to show that to their parents and friends. Moreover, playing such games can lead to mental violation as well.
– Children spending more of their time on the gadget can make them less concentrated on studies. The study shows that they also fail their classes and have no consideration for it due to it.
– Excessive exposure to electronics gadgets may result in poor health, bad eating habits, improper time management, a more.

Managing their schedule

It is never possible to completely take the gadgets away from their life, but you can reduce its usage. By reducing the usage, you give them only the benefits and decrease the drawbacks of devices.
– Place a time limit for your child while using the gadget.
– Monitor your child’s reason for using it.
– Communicate with your child about what they learn from it.
– Don’t set up any electronic devices in the child’s room.
– Help them explore things that they can be benefited.

As a parent, we must be careful at first in our usage of gadgets. However, when you start spending time on a gadget, they tend to get very little time of yours. It is a must to have a schedule for using an electronic device.