Fun activities for children to keep them entertained on rainy days

Children sometimes get cranky in the rainy season when are not able to go outside with their friends to play because of extreme rain. They feel trapped inside their homes, and it really becomes quite irritable for them when it keeps on raining for many days continuously.

In this case, parents need to make some sincere efforts so that their kids do not feel bored and frustrated inside the homes. There are many interesting indoor activities in which children can indulge and spend the rainy days happily, without any fuss. Some such activities are mentioned below.

Creating their own marble slide
Kids can very fondly engage in the task of creating a marble slide using their own creativity. The materials needed to make this slide are markers, paint, empty tissue box, scissors, crayons, masking tape and tubes. The tubes can be of anything like an empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls.

Children can decorate the tubes with various colors and then use them to create a long slide by taping many tubes together. An empty tissue box can be attached at the end of the slide to collect the marbles while playing.

Creating a fort with a blanket
This is the most interesting thing children can indulge in. Creating a fort by putting a blanket over some chairs and table gives children their space. They can decorate their toys and arrange their books inside their small fort. They feel quite happy and comfortable when they play and rest inside their super fort.

Reading an interesting book together
It is always a good idea for the parents to read a good book with the child. A child always feels happy and comfortable when he is involved in some good activity together with his parents. Reading alternatively to each other is also a good idea. It also enhances the reading skills of the child along with retaining his interest in the book.

Enjoying a dance party
A dance party is always a refreshing idea both for the kids as well as their parents. When things are getting monotonous, playing some peppy numbers and dancing to the tunes change the whole mood. Children enjoy dancing with their parents thoroughly, and this proves to be amongst the best moments for them.

Playing hide and seek with parents
Small kids can play hide and seek inside their homes with parents, a game that is loved by everyone. While hiding, parents can also try making their children recite the alphabets and numbers to make them learn and play simultaneously. When the children come out excitingly from their hiding places as they win while playing hide and seek; it becomes a happy and blissful moment for all the parents.

Cooking a tasty meal together
It is always exciting and wonderful to have your children assist and help you in cooking delicious meals. Kids will be very happy when they will assist their parents in cooking their favorite dish. Parents can assign some small tasks related to cooking, like getting the vegetables from the refrigerator, under their supervision to the kids.