Dealing with and knowing about children with autism

When parents get to know that their child is autistic, it is the worst nightmare for them. They do not actually know what went wrong and what is to be done now. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a kind of neurobehavioral condition in which the child finds it difficult to engage in social interaction and has problems with speech and non verbal communication.

People have different perceptions regarding a child with autism. But there are some other aspects too about these children who always go unnoticed. Below mentioned are some of the important facts about autistic children which people might have not known.

Every autistic child is not disabled
It is a fact that most of the children who are diagnosed with autism are not disabled. These children are differently abled and are capable of doing something unique. One child with autism may have a unique talent while the other child may have something different. It is just that they are not fully developed as the normal child. They may be lacking on some basic communication and social skills, but some of these children are actually high on their knowledge and talent.

All the autistic children look exactly like the normal children
This is very amateurish on the part of some people when they ask the parents of an autistic child whether their child is actually autistic as he does not look like so. People have to understand the fact that these children look like the normal ones exactly. Just because of their slow development and low social skills, they should not be differentiated from the normal ones like this. It actually bothers and hurts the child as well as the parents too.

Every child with autism develops differently from each other
Each and every child is blessed with some uniqueness. This is also relevant in the case of autistic children also. Every autistic child is not the same. One may have a unique talent for singing, while the other child may be very good at drawing. They are similar just in the case of their traits which comes from their developmental disorder; and apart from this, nothing else makes them similar.

Children with autism can express their emotions really well
These children may learn to express their emotions really well when they are treated with love and empathy. Once they gain trust and confidence in their good wishes, they start showing their emotions towards them. They may show extreme happiness at one point in time, and they may be sentimental also at the other moment.

Autistic children seek love and acceptance
Children with autism may feel left out and alone. They need unconditional love and acceptance from their parents as well as other people too so that they feel being valued. They may be a little less developed at social skills, but they definitely love some friends who could support and love them. These children desire to be loved and pampered even more than the normal children so that they do not feel excluded and aloof.