Creativity and art in the process of child development

When children go through development during their early education years, it’s important to instill creativity in them. Apart from teaching and stressing over subjects like science and math, it’s also necessary to focus on arts and music. In recent studies, it has shown that this has great benefits for a child. And although many people still consider arts and music as luxury subjects, it’s time to change that. There are proven studies that show how greatly inculcating art and creativity can improve your child’s brain. It has its own good effects but also has effects on other subjects that are studies by the child. In addition to just being recreational or something to do for fun, art is actually very important to healthy development. Here’s why.

Learning visually
Children learn a lot more by seeing and visualizing than they do in another way. So teaching our children important lessons through art is one great way to inculcate it in them. Educating your child in art and through art can help them visualize, imagine, interpret and critique by making choices. Visual-Spatial skills like drawing, painting, sculpting, beading, etc. are important in a child’s growth development.

Development of language
Letting your children make art or do artistic things in their spare time gives you a very good opportunity to teach them a language. It is much easier to teach words about colors and things if you’re a child is actually looking at them and using them. Simple activities like crumpling up a paper and calling it a ball can teach them a lot.

Improved motor skills
It’s no secret that a child who works on art will have improved motor skills. In fact, the child may catch on to motor training faster than children who are not into art. An even simple movement like scribbling, holding pencils and paintbrushes can help steady their hand over time. It creates hand-eye coordination and helps in developing their motor skills. Around the age of four children start using their hands and legs. If these hands can work towards making things, they will learn motor coordination much faster.

Creativity and inventiveness
No doubt, art enhances creativity. The more you do it, the more creative ideas you get. Children go through the same thing. Children need to be encouraged to let their creativity flow. Inventiveness and ideas will come to them only if they have a channel to express it through. Paintings, drawings and other artistic things can greatly help your child develop creativity and inventiveness in them.

Learning decision making
Children will learn how to make decisions and choose based on their choice. The simple task of choosing a particular color can be effective for this. It enhances logical thinking and well teaches them how to make decisions based upon certain calculations.

Effects on academics
Art has a definite effect on other subjects like math and science. There is a relation between art and the academic education given to our children today. Children who are into arts and either draw or paint are four times more likely to have a good academic career and performance than the kids who do not.