Craft with kids: creating a Christmas tree!

We suggest you perform this an easy-to-make Christmas tree made of paper. It’s very easy and with a small direction, any child can make.

It will serve as a great decoration of the interior of the children’s room for the Christmas and New Year holidays.

What you will need:
– thick green paper or cardboard
– coloured pencils, markers, paints, glitter
– glue
– scissors
– scotch tape
– optional: coloured paper of other colours, glue, hole punch, stickers (stickers)

1. Bend a sheet of cardboard (thick paper) green in half. Then cut it along to the fold line.

2. Put the two parts together and fold them in half again.
3. Draw a half of the Christmas tree opposite the bend.

4. Cut along the drawn line. You should have two completely identical trees.

5. Carefully bend each tree in half to outline the centre.

6. Make a cut on one tree from the top to the centre along the middle line, on the other – from the bottom to the centre along the middle line.

7. Connect the two trees with each other by inserting them into the cuts.

8. For greater stability of the craft, tape together the upper and lower halves of the Christmas tree.

9. Decorate your Christmas tree with coloured markers, paints, glitter. Using a hole punch, you can make tiny circles out of coloured paper and decorate them with hand-made articles. You can also cut a small star and, after making a tiny incision in it, place it on the top of the Christmas tree. For reliability, glue a star with scotch tape.

Christmas tree is ready!!  Do you like the article? Are you interested in other craft ideas?

Let us know and we will be happy to prepare something interesting for you.