Сreating A Christmas Craft With Kids

Christmas time is a great time to practice art and craft with your kids.  So bringing the kids as a part in decoration for Christmas is the best idea.

Here what they can do to decorate the Christmas tree.
We’ve got a Christmas ball, some colorful cotton, and glue. Combining all these things will help to create a new decoration.

Using the glue, we apply the colorful cotton onto the Christmas ball, and with the acrylic paint, we pain the face of the hedgehog! And this is what we get as a result!

And then this cheeky hedgehog can go on the Christmas tree!

If you get tired of the smiling rabbit, with the help of the glue and colorful cotton buttons, we can transfer ball into a new decoration for the Christmas tree!

Using the glue, we can combine all the colorful cotton and make one ball that looks very pretty. See what we get in the end!

Kids really love to create something new. My kids enjoyed every step in our Christmas craft. It’s colorful and pretty and at the same time very easy and quick to do.

With a little bit of imagination and just 10 minutes of free time, our Christmas tree is full of hand-made decorations which make it very very special for our family.