Boys, know your private parts

Portrait of young handsome boy

Boys know your private part fully well so that you can take full care of your body. As it is a very sensitive area, you should take proper care of it and should be fully aware of it. Your private parts include the penis, scrotum, and testicles. Two sacs are called the scrotum, and inside them, you will find testicles. This area is very sensitive because it has lots of nerve ending. No bone is here to protect this part, and that is why they are hurt easily.

Testes / Testicles:
Testes are the place where sperm are made. There are two testes. Testes get larger during puberty. The size of it varies from one person to another. Moreover, one testis may be larger than the other one. It is normal. In cold weather, testes come near to the body, and in warm weather, they start to hang again behind the penis.

Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin, the skin that covers the tip of the penis. After circumcision, the end of the penis is left uncovered. This affects neither health nor the ability of the sex. This operation is done for many boys for various reasons – a tradition in many families, for religious purpose and sometimes for a medical reason. It is a small operation done by a physician before the boy reaches the age of ten. Quick healing is normal, and there is hardly any risk of bleeding or damaging of the penis. Sometime older people too need circumcision for various different reasons.

An erection is said to be a physiological phenomenon where the penis gets firm and is enlarged. Though a tiny baby sometimes has an erection, it frequently happens when the boy comes to the age of puberty. It happens when you are embarrassed suddenly or sexually aroused seeing something or thinking something. Erection lasts for a short time.

Penis Size
When a boy grows into a man, his penis size becomes large and long. Though, like testes, the size of the penis also varies from man to man. Some people become worried when they see that the size of their penis is not so big in comparison to others. The size of the penis of an adult male may vary from 7.5 – 15cm. In cold temperature and after swimming in cold water the size of the penis shrink. It becomes larger after being sexually aroused. In the normal case, the size of the penis become 15/16 centimeter or so. If you are worried about your private parts, then consult your dad or other older male members of your family.

Wet Dreams
Around the time of puberty during sleep, boys get an erection and ejaculate without knowing. During ejaculation sperm and the fluid come out of the penis and boys frightened that they have wet their bed with urine. Do not get afraid. It is normal.

Masturbation is a private practice done by hands by young boys. It is quite normal. Consult your friends on this matter if you like.

As your genital areas are very sensitive, take care of it properly. Maintain hygiene. Not only that, guard it while playing cricket or something. If you see abnormalities like feeling pain while passing urine or you discover that your penis does not erect, promptly inform your parents.