Boredom and ways around it

“I’m bored,” “I have nothing to do.” A few common phrases we hear quite often these days.

Why do we get bored?
Kids these days are usually restless and flighty. They want to do new things all the time. This leads to them feeling bored easily. Peer pressure is another reason. So, if another person is doing something interesting or cool, then the kid might have a fear of missing out. Children need the feel to be noticed. Even for the smallest things such as completing a task the teacher has given before everyone else.

What boredom does to a person?
Boredom might feel like a very depressing and frustrating thing. This is because when you are idle with no work, you keep over thinking on redundant matters. You feel the need to take your anger out on things. You may feel bad and upset about not having fun which may further stress you out. This attitude of being unhappy and feeling bored all the time may affect your personality and become the boss of it. If you yourself feel bored all the time, you become a boring person and a dull company for others. This leads to a plummet in one’s confidence and self-esteem.

How to get away from Boredom?

Boredom at home
The best way to beat boredom is by engaging yourself in some activity. This could be at home or outside. At home, you could learn new things such as painting or knitting to pass your time. Reading is a great option which not only keeps your mind occupied but also teaches you new lessons on grammar as well as life. One could even play some music on the radio and dance to the music; this makes your body also feel reenergised and fit. You could learn how to play an instrument to relax your mind too. Or if nothing else, then call or friends over or visit their place and play some video games or skateboard around.

Boredom at school
Boredom at school usually occurs because of two reasons. One is because you aren’t listening to the teacher or because you find whatever is being done, difficult to understand. The second reason is when you find a task too easy and hence don’t feel the need to pay any attention to it.

You want to do something more interesting and challenging, and thus you ignore what is being done in class already, or may be because you carry the “I am too cool” attitude and act like a grown up. Another reason could be your excitement about something that is about to happen which does not let you concentrate on the work at hand.

This boredom can be beaten by paying attention closely in class and practicing problems at hand to improve your understanding of the subject. You can ask others for help if you are facing difficulty in understanding.

You also must avoid interacting with people who think they know everything and act over mature. You should walk with a smile on your face and a go-to positive attitude at all times.