Body image concerns in young girls related to physical activities

Young girls are often concerned about their looks, especially in their teenage years. At this age, girls experience significant changes in their bodies which make them conscious about their looks. Physical activity is one field in which most girls do not look up to. They are especially concerned about how they will look in fitness clothes or the changing rooms. This poses a serious threat and serves as a hindrance in their physical activities.

Here are a few suggestions for young girls that they should keep in mind to understand the role of body shape while undertaking physical activities:

Your body shape does not define your abilities
A person’s body shape cannot decide on his or her ability. Your body shape or physique will not judge you. There are many examples of great women with excellent talent who were criticised for their body shape. For example, Alexa Moreno, a great Mexican gymnast and an Olympic participant, was called fat and was roasted. However, she had all the abilities and talent to showcase her skills.

Similarly, every young girl should consider the fact that her abilities are the most important factor which will make a difference in the future.

Refraining from participating in physical activities is not the solution
Young girls should not refrain from engaging in physical activities. Sports are meant for everyone and are not limited to any particular gender, age group or body type. Any person who is interested in sports or physical activity can join it, regardless of their body shape.

Instead, physical activities improve the shape and overall structure of the body. It will add a glow to your skin and improve your flexibility. Moreover, by undertaking physical activities, you will notice a boost in your confidence. By engaging in physical activities, young girls will surely see an improvement in their overall health including physical as well as mental health.

Parents can motivate and encourage their children
Parents can play a crucial part and serve as the perfect source of motivation for their children. If girls are concerned about their appearance while undertaking physical activities, parents can tell them various benefits of engaging in physical activities.

Parents can serve as a role model for their children. They can motivate their daughters and tell them how beneficial physical activities can prove to be in the long run. They can help their young girls explore various sports and physical activities and help them find the one they enjoy. Parents can even organise some family sports activities to let their daughter feel more comfortable with the idea of physical activities.

By choosing the sports they like and feel comfortable in, girls can remain fit and active. Moreover, they can enjoy the various advantages related to physical activities. With regular practice, young girls will understand how important physical activities are for the body and all concerns related to body image will vanish too.