Best Spots to Admire Jacaranda Blooming Season in Sydney

Jacaranda tree bloomingCan you imagine anything better than walking down a Sydney street, being shaded by the seeing a sea of purple above you and under your feet?

That is the feeling of Jacaranda trees. Mid October is when the Jacaranda trees start to flourish, and we see their beauty come alive.

The Jacaranda tree is naïve to the tropic and sub-tropic areas of Mexico, Central and South America. Due to the beauty of the tree, they are now seen and planted all over the different countries and are very popular in Asian countries.

purple flower tree jacarandaSydney siders have also fallen in love with the Jacaranda tree, and there are many sites that you can visit where you can see the beauty in full bloom.

A visit to the Royal Botanical Gardens will give you a sight to remember. There are dozens of Jacaranda trees to walk through that are in full bloom. While in the area taking a walk down through the streets of the Rocks and Circular Quay will give you another opportunity to walk under the trees. Many of these streets have the trees grown very large and to the point that they are almost completed covering the overhead.

Through the North Shore, tourist tours have been created to walk down certain streets in Kirribilli and surroundings to showcase the beauty.

jacaranda treeWhen visiting the North Shore the suburbs of Lavender Bay, Greenwich, Waverton, Hunters Hill, Woolwich, Longeueville and Wollstonecraft must be on your to see list. They all display a beautiful selection of Jacaranda trees during the season. Due to the number of places to see, we recommend making a day of it, pack a picnic lunch and settle under one of the beautiful trees and enjoy your meal and the view.

McDougall Street in Kirribilli is one of the most popular destinations on the Northern Beaches to visit if you are looking for a display of jacaranda trees, many tourists come to walk down the street under the sea of blue and purple above them.

Paddington, Woollahra and Double Bay on the Eastern Suburbs are all perfect locations to visit if you want to see the sea of purple. Make sure you leave yourself with enough time to stroll through and take in the serenity and beauty of the area. It is recommended to start on Oxford Street and work your way down to ensure that you see the best displays and are not disappointed.

Sydney University is home to a giant jacaranda tree that has become a popular icon on the grounds, so much so that the growers at the University have cloned the tree to ensure that it always lives on. The tree can be found while walking through the University grounds and is definitely one of Sydney’s best jacarandas and a must see. A short drive from the University will have you in Glebe and Eskineville which also have a beautiful display of trees.

Jacaranda tree blooming season Sydney

If you would like to see all the Jacaranda glory that there is, make sure you head out to Camden in Sydney’s West between the 23rd and 25th of November. During this time they will be celebrating the Camden Jacaranda Festival. You heard that right – a festival for the Jacaranda trees.

Heading down to the Sutherland Shire, in Hogben Park Kogarah you will find another amazing display of the Jacaranda trees. Their follage and beauty cheer up anyone who travels through.

Grafton also holds a Jacaranda festival at the start of November if you are up for a little bit of travel. Grafton has over 2000 Jacaranda trees that bloom and the festival is one of the longest running in Australia.

Where ever you decide to visit, make sure you allow enough time to slowly walk through and take it all in, take lots of photos and most importantly do not cause any damage to the trees.

Do you have a beautiful Jacaranda tree in your yard or street you would like to share? Contact us!!