Best Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids

children wearing halloween costumes

Halloween is fast approaching and with that comes the task of choosing what to dress up as and if you are a parent the task of either trying to make kids costumes or find them in time.
There are so many options these days on what to dress up as and ideas to suit all budgets. Below is a list of our favourites.

Witches and Wizards 

Witches and Wizards have become hugely popular again thanks to Harry Potter and what better time to dress up as one then Halloween. Dressing as a witch keeps with the tradition of Halloween with the spooky and magical element.

The best part of dressing up as a witch or wizard is that these costumes can be achieved on a very small budget. Visiting your local second-hand store you can normally pick up an oversized black coat which you can put with an all-black outfit to achieve the look. Witches and wizard hats can be picked up at the $2 store as well. Making it a very affordable and reusable costume.

children on halloween


Superheroes are all the range. Who wouldn’t want a bunch of superpowers to use for the greater good? Your child can pick their favourite superhero and most costume shops and even those such as Big W and Spotlight have a costume section where you can normally pick up the right one.

For a family affect you can all dress up as a team. The Incredibles, Fantastic 4 or the power rangers are a few group costumes to name.

superheroes cheerful kids


Almost every little girl (and grown adult) has seen Frozen and it has brought princesses back into the spotlight. Without a doubt, you will see a little Elsa running around this Halloween. Costumes are readily available due to the popularity, however, a pretty blue dress with puffy and lacey bits will also do the trick.

little emotional girl

Halloween Make up

– For those who do not want to get into a full costume, there are still plenty of ideas for the occasion. Halloween make up is very popular and can range from a simple fake cut stuck onto your body right through to professional makeup where you look like you are a zombie. With this option, you can keep it as tame or as extravagant as it suits you.

halloween kids makeup

For those that are a bit too small still for fitting into proper costumes, there are a range of Halloween inspired outfits and rompers available. You can dress your little one in a romper that looks like a skeleton, pumpkin or ghost.

little girl in elephant costume

Whether you are going to jump on the sewing machine, pop down to your local second-hand store or ordering online, have fun with it and take lots of photos – A child dressed up in a costume is a great photo to bring out at their 21st Birthday!

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