Best farm places to stay in Australia

There are sure to be times when we get stressed because of the monotonous and noisy urban life. At such times, we wish to go off somewhere peaceful and quiet. And there’s no best place for a good vacation than the countryside of Australia. Filled with fresh air and greenery, these could be perfect places for your children to learn a lot of things too, apart from enjoying the stay there.

There are a lot of places for good countryside stay in Australia, where one can experience the true lifestyle of the farm life. Here are some of the best farm places to stay in Australia.

Spicers Peak Lodge, Scenic Rim, Queensland
This place is one of the best stays if you want to be away from the noisy city side for a while. This is located a thousand feet above the sea level and is surrounded with a World Heritage-listed National Park. Surrounded by cattle parks, this place is peaceful and quiet and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. One can enjoy the view of Queensland’s Scenic Rim right from their window, which is a source of delight.

Harvest House, Cressy, Tasmania
This place is run by Harvest Moon, one of the leading producers of vegetables in Australia. The stay involves a trip to the farms and also about how fresh food is produced for the international markets. This is very informative as well as a fun stay as it involves the participation of the guests in various activities that the owners had planned.

Royalla, NSW
Looking for a place which has the feel of the farm side and also offers the comforts of the urban life? Royalla is the place that you are looking for. It has a rustic feel attached to it. The views of the mountains and ocean can be enjoyed from this place. Nature is at its best- birds chirping and the sunlight filtering through the trees are an experience of a lifetime. This place has the countryside aura to it and makes your stay filled with picturesque memories.

Pump Hill Farm Cottages, Pemberton, Wa
This place is known for its scenic views of the green valley and the forest. Here, you can enjoy the comfort of warm fireplaces and fresh air. The guests are given an opportunity to feed the animals so they can gain knowledge of what the animals eat and at what time, etc. This can be helpful for children who will eventually develop sensitivity to their surroundings and act in a good way to the animals.

SOULitude Farm, NSW
As the name suggests, it brings out your soul and sets it high. This place is a lush dairy country with picturesque meadows and friendly animals all over. The farmers take the guests on a trip around the farm, where the guests can give animals a pat. Kangaroos can also be spotted around this place. This is an ideal stay if you want to experience the country life in its simple glory.

Next time when you venture out to the farms as an escapade from the mundane life, be sure to experience these places. They offer you a slice of life which is peaceful and beautiful at the same time.