Art brings the kids and parents together

Do you know that art can help to unite children and their parents? Well, now it is a proven fact that art can assist in bringing parents and children close to one another. Often, we hear parents asking about the right time for this or the right time to start learning art? The best option is to begin as early as you can.

Easy ways art can help build a close relationship between children and parents
Speak to the kids
You need to describe well what you can see in their work. Once done, you can quickly ask some open-ended questions. What does the child understand from this? The child realises that you have a deep interest in their ideas which helps in developing not just their confidence but also improves their competence.

Another good option is to create art together, spend time with your child creating something. One good choice is to volunteer to provide art lessons at your child’s school. In case, this is not possible, you have the option of offering art lessons at home as well. When children notice that their parents are creating something unique, it is quite encouraging. Moreover, when they see that adults are doing something which they have never done before or something in which they have minimal experience, it is certainly a lot encouraging for them.
It is good to show youngsters that art is an expression of culture. Certain tangible objects can help in converting the abstract idea of tradition, quite real to the preschoolers. Take some time out and point out the variety in styles of textiles, paintings or pottery which is used in the family heritage. If it is the vacation time, it is indeed full of opportunities for learning about craft and art ideas.

It is always great to visit the art museums along with your family. These days, there is a growing awareness amongst the museums, which aim to offer an informal learning experience, especially for the young generation.
All that needs to be done is visit the website of the museum and check the many children’s friendly events. You can preview the current exhibits along with your kids. Give them some freedom and help them to decide which one they would like.
There are so many great museums and galleries in Australia, check out our galleries and museums directory page and choose the ones you and your child would love to explore.