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Are you a first time school parent? 10 things which you should definitely know

Group of elementary school kids running in a school corridor

Are your children going to school for the first time? To make your children habituated with school for the first time is a tough time. Here is some useful advice for the first time parents to cope with the situation.

  • Keep faith in the class teacher: You may not know them, but they are doing this job because they are qualified enough for it. So meet them and consult them when you need it.
  • Your Child Will Be Tired: Too much excitement means too much exhaustion. Going to school is a big change in their daily routine. Be sure that they are getting adequate sleep and proper nourishment to get rid of this exhaustion.
  • Use the Weekends Well: Use your weekend in such a way so that your child feels energetic. Make them mentally and physically fit in this weekend and help them to regain strength for the coming week.
  • Prepare the Lunch In Advance: When your kids start going to the school, keep their lunchbox ready, the previous night so that you do not have to rush through things.
  • Lunch Should Be Easy to Eat: While preparing the lunch for your child, you need to ensure that it is simple and easy to eat. Suppose you are giving an apple to your child at his or her lunch. Do not give the whole apple. Your child may not feel it energetic to bite the entire apple. Moreover biting the whole apple and then finishing it is time-consuming. The process shortens their play time. Better, cut the apple into small pieces and pack it in the lunch box and then your child will find no difficulty to finish it. Then your child will get more time to play with his buddies.
  • Labelling Helps:  Label your child’s personal belongings like pencil, eraser, sharpener, scissors, pencil box, and other things properly so that they do not get mingled with other children’s belongings.
  • Improve Self-Dependency: Enhance your children’s self-dependency by giving them the training to wear their things like uniform, hat, etc. Be sure that after using them they are keeping it in the proper place. Practice to keep your stuff in the appropriate place will limit the number of lost items. This technique works.
  • Extra-curricular activities Help: It makes them socialise and also enhances their knowledge. But, starting too many activities at the same time will confuse them and make them overwhelming. Allow them to accustomed with one and then move on to the next.
  • Problems Can Be Solved: Do not panic when your children face some difficulty in their school. Issues are bound to occur, and you can settle them too. Engage your child in regular friendly conversations, with you to understand the atmosphere of the school.
  • Remain cool: Try not to over-react in front of your child against the school.  It is not a good habit.