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Amazing Lunchbox Tips for Fussy Eaters

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Lunch Boxes with healthy foods

Most of the mothers nowadays are concerned with the eating habits of their kids. Kids easily get bored with their lunchboxes, and this keeps their mothers worrying about what should be done to provide them with a proper diet.

These fussy eaters need to be handled very smartly. Just some small twists in the healthy lunchbox ideas can really make some difference. Every mother tries her best to give the proper nutrition to her child, but if the child is a fussy eater, things become very difficult. Just cooking alone is not the concern then, making them eat is the major issue. Here are some important tips in this regard for all the mothers.

Healthy lunch ideas for fussy eaters

Packing yoghurt for lunch
Children love yoghurt, and it really makes the lunch interesting and delicious. Children tend to finish their lunchboxes easily if they find yoghurt in it along with the regular food. But the basic problem is of packing the yoghurt properly for lunch. Children are not able to handle yoghurt easily in the normal lunch boxes and end up spilling it all over the floor or on their dresses. To avoid this situation, yoghurt should be packed in an air tight plastic container which can be easily opened by the children.

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Preparing a variety of dishes for lunch
If the child sees the same dish again and again in the lunchbox, he will be bored of it very soon. For instance, sandwiches every day for lunch is always a bad idea as the child will gradually start hating it and will end up not having it.

There should be a variety of lunch meals for kids at least twice or thrice a week. You can try replacing the regular sandwiches with other tasty meals which the child would love to have. Some tasty lunch meal ideas are pizzas, mini quiches, pan cakes with fruits, burritos, sushi rolls, pasta, shish kebabs, scrolls, sweet muffins and many more.

Some tasty snacks with the main meals
Some tasty snacks is always a great idea to accompany the main meal. It makes the lunchbox interesting, and the fussy eaters get a variety of options to have if they do not like anything. Some tasty and healthy snacks options include veggies, corns, trail mix, cookies, popcorn, fruit salad and muffins.

Colorful snacks and meals in the lunch box
Make the lunch box interesting and exciting by including various colored dishes. This may excite the kid, and he may feel like finishing the lunch happily. There are many options which can be used to make the lunch meals colorful and amazing apart from being extremely healthy. You can use carrots, spinach, cheese, blueberries and many other veggies and fruits for this purpose.

It is a very difficult task for mothers to make their kids eat easily, without any fuss. But, by making some small changes in their lunch box ideas, they can really make them eat nutritious food easily and happily. For this, all they need is packing the lunch boxes with some small and smart twist.