All kids know about cheating

All kids know about cheating. You might know someone who has cheated, you might know about someone who has cheated or you might think about cheating or sometimes cheat yourself. So what does it mean?

We asked some kid’s the following questions.

What is cheating at sport and games?
Deliberately losing or altering results.
– Not playing fairly, such as moving the wrong number of spaces on a board game to win.
– Telling lies to get an advantage.
– Taking a ‘dive’ and pretending that you were fooled.
– Deliberately hurting someone on the other team and pretending it was an accident

Why cheat?
To keep up with others.
– To look better than others.
– To win.
– To get more of something.

I guess what these people were saying was that kids sometimes cheat to make the team or to keep up with their friends. Sometimes they cheat because they don’t feel good about themselves and what they can do, or because they think their parents want them to be ‘stars’.

Cheating in games
Many people (including grown-ups) sometimes feel tempted to cheat in games because they want to win.
Cheating in games to win isn’t really winning, is it?
People who cheat know how they won and others in the game do too, even if they don’t say so. If people continue cheating in games, pretty soon other people won’t want to play with them.
Alex says, “It’s a hard thing to say, but cheating doesn’t get you anywhere in the end.”
Hai says, “Noone wants to play with them because they cheat.”
Harry says, “It’s not fair to the others if they don’t play by the rules.”
Ruby says, “There’s no point in playing if you cheat.”

Cheating in sports
All sports have rules. These are important to make sure that the game is fair.
If rules are broken, then there are penalties.
Sometimes a player may get away with breaking a rule but usually, the person in charge of the game, (the referee) decides on a penalty.
Millions of people all over the world are interested in sports of all kinds.
How awful it is when one of the sport’s stars is accused of cheating in some way?
Everyone feels really disappointed that person.
People forget all the great things that the sport’s star has done before, and the biggest thing they remember about that person is that he or she was a cheat.
Cheating isn’t a good idea because even if you are never found out, you will always wonder if you might be.

What do I do if I have been cheating in sport?
If you sometimes cheat because you aren’t confident in your sport, ask a parent or guardian to help coach you, and to help you find the things that you are really good at as well. You might be surprised at the things you are good at. In the end, people will accept you the way you are and not for your achievements.

Nowadays we often hear about people who seem to believe that winning, being successful, or being rich, are the only things that matter. People that have lied and cheated to get what they want,  seem to believe that it is okay to cheat, and will never know the satisfying feeling you get when you are finally successful because you have done all the hard work and practice needed. They want to believe that winning is everything.

I wonder if the people that have cheated feel the same?
What do you think?
Being sport’s stars nowadays doesn’t just mean that they have to excel at athletics. It also means that they have to stay away from unhealthy habits and choose their friends very carefully.
They could be the greatest athletes in the world, but nobody wants to be remembered for cheating instead of the skills that took them years to learn.