All about telling lies

A lie is your statement told to others which is not true. People tell a lie to avoid an unwanted situation or in the purpose of deception. A lie is that statement that is not true and told purposefully in such a way that people believe it.

Our parents and teacher always tell us that telling a lie is a very bad habit and we should keep ourselves a hundred miles away from this nasty habit. A little kid always wants to please his or her parents with doing good and with good conduct. For this reason, when they do bad or offensive conduct, they do not tell the actual truth to their parents thinking that they will be angry after listening to the actual truth.

So they take the help of telling lies to hide the actual fact. And the result is the parents become more furious when they get to know that their children have deceived them with wrong facts. When we grow old, we understand that telling the truth is the most important thing though at that mature age also we keep getting confusing messages. Unless you have, a terrific memory do not dare to tell a lie because unless you remember what lies you have told so far and to whom, there is a good chance of getting exposed.

While you grow, you may see that older people, who are advising you never to tell a lie, take the help of lie in some circumstances. You may have been scolded by elders for telling the truth in front of visitors. You should learn that always speaking the truth is a wise decision, but in some circumstances, it is better to keep mum. Keeping mum and telling lies is not the same. It is just to avoid the situation.

Why People Tell Lie
People tell a lie to avoid an unwanted situation, to avoid confrontation, to avoid embarrassment, to get rid of punishment, to keep some dear one out of trouble, to push someone in trouble, to make himself or herself more interesting, to keep secret, to maintain privacy, to make fun and for many more reasons.

What is Bad Lies and what is white lies and difference In between them
There are two types of lies: bad lie and a white lie. Bad lies are those lies that hurt people and harmful to others. Bad lies are never to tell.
But white lies are those innocent lies that are not harmful at all and people tell these lies to create fun and frolic.

Why Children Tell Lies
Children generally take the help of lying to get out of trouble, to spread the rumor, to hide secrets, to cheat, to be dishonest, to make a make-belief world around him or her, etc.

So, when you grow older, try to learn what to tell and what not to tell in front of avoiding telling a lie. Try to listen to grown-ups, and it is not always necessary to give direct answers to them. In this way, you can avoid telling lies.