All about periods

Here is a few information on your period, medically which is known as menstruation.

Mood Swing
The mood swing is one of the common signs of the period though everyone may not experience it. It may also be called as Premenstrual Syndrome or Premenstrual Tension.

For this syndrome, one may feel tired or tense, get upset easily, may have a headache and may suffer from bloating or flatulence a few days before and after the period. Some girls become very much energetic before their menstruation starts. These signs last for only one or two days. Consult your mum or doctor if these signs persist for a long time.

Pain and Cramps During Period
Some women experience pain in their tummy. In the extreme case, they experience cramps. A hot bag or hot water bottle may give you relief in this situation. Some relaxation exercise may help in this situation. But, in extreme case, you have to go through certain medication under the guidance of a specialised person.

How Often Menstrual Cycle Come
When a girl first experience period, it lasts for only 2-3 days and may stop for a couple of months. At first, the menstrual cycle remains very irregular to most of the girls, and gradually with time, it becomes regular. After every 28 days, one may experience this cycle. But this may vary from person to person from 21 to 35 days. Some experience irregular periods due to various reasons – stress, obesity, being underweight and many more things. Maintain a diary and record the period date.

The colour of the blood of your first period may be reddish brown. Then it becomes a redder colour for later periods.

How Long Periods Lasts
Some girls have a short period, some experience longer periods. Do not frighten if your pattern differs from that of your friend. But do consult a doctor if your period suddenly gets longer or shorter and find out the reason under his guidance.

Vaginal Discharge
Vaginal discharge is actually a slippery substance called mucus. It comes out when the girl is ready for a menstrual cycle. It is whitish in color, has a light smell and consistency can vary from sticky fluid to sticky jelly. It is normal. But if there is itchy or burning sensation in your vagina and the discharge is badly odorous, consult a gynecologist. There may be a chance of infection.

Pimples and Periods
Pimples and periods have a close relation. When the menstrual cycle comes near, the skin gets oilier and most of the ladies especially those who are in their teenage experience pimples. So pimples may be another important sign of the upcoming period.

Importance of Menstruation to Become Pregnant:
Women are born with thousands of ova or egg. During menstrual cycle ova grow fully, leaves ovary and reaches the fallopian tubes. At this time if it meets sperm due to unprotected sex life, the ova become fertilised and grow into a baby.

Puberty and Menopause
A girl generally follows the pattern of their mother in this matter. If mum has an early period, there is most of the chance that the baby also has an early period and follows the same pattern during menopause. A menopause or stopping period is a gradual process.