About friendship

A person feels sad when he or she does not have any friend. We all need friends to live life joyfully. If you do not have any friend, you will feel very sad and lonely. This article will help you to understand what a true friendship is and how to find true and suitable friends for yours. Not only that, but this article also helps you to be a good friend to others.

So what  friendship is all about?
True friendship is spending time together joyfully. Sharing ideas and knowledge in friendship make you a better person. A true friendship teaches you to respect your friends and to honor their opinion. Your friend may have a different opinion on certain things. Do not oppose it only because the opinion is not similar like yours.

Try to understand why your friend has a different opinion. Be loyal to each other. Friend’s safety and well being should be the first priority in friendship. Take care of your friend. Stand by him in need. “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. Act in a way so that your friendship becomes not only long lasting but, permanent.

Are You a Good Friend?
Critically and impartially judge whether you are a friendly person. Do you come forward to help others?  Helping nature helps to maintain a good friendship. Be a good listener. It is one of the most important qualities of friendship. What is your special quality? What you do at your spare time. What is your hobby? We generally make friends who have an almost similar taste.

That is why there are a saying “Birds of the same feather, flock together”. Honor yourself to honor others. Do not get a heart if everyone does not like you. It is not mandatory that everyone has to love you. Think in this way that there are also some persons whom you do not like. Be sure that you are nice and well mannered to everyone, even to those persons whom you do not like.

How to Enhance Friendship Skills:
There are some tips to enhance friendship skills. Keep yourself updated on current affairs, music, movies, etc. so that you can continue an interesting and long talk with your friends. Sharing conversation enhances your knowledge.

Be a good listener and ask your friend questions. It will make your friends happy that you are listening to him attentively. Appreciate your friends when he does something good. Be well mannered and friendly always especially when you are spending time with your friends. Be helpful to your friends. If you borrow something from your friend, return it in time. Carefully handle the conflict. Share your time with other friends also. Do not argue unnecessarily with friends. It may make you upset. Be honest in your relationship.

Things You Will Never Do in Friendship:
Do not brag about what you have done, do not criticise your friend in such a way that they feel humiliated. Do not make a comment on your friend’s religion, color and country. Do not reveal your friend’s issue to others unless he gives you the permission.