7 tips for night time toilet training

We can split toilet training for kids into two processes including toilet training for the day and toilet training for the night. While some parents prefer to resolve both toilet training at the same time, others prefer to do these processes one after the other. They will have to wait to see the result of the day toilet training before moving on to the night toilet training. It does not matter; you can go for the option that suits your family and your little one most. However, some nighttime toilet training tips will help your child wake up dry.

When to start toilet training for night
Children are ready when they are ready, just like any other milestone. It shows that you can handle children in different ways – they are not the same. What works for a child or a family may not work for another. Below are some tips that will show that your child might be ready to be nappy-free at night
– Your child may be ready to be out of nappies at nighttime if he or she wakes up with a dry nappy almost every morning
– If your child cannot get to the toilet or you in the night mainly if they are still young, you might decide to wait longer before initiating a nappy-free night.
– Parents need to train their children to be alert when they are sleeping. You need to educate your child no matter how old (even if up to 3-4 years). You can explain to them how to take off the nappies in the night and that they can use the toilet themselves.
– You can decide the right time for your family to go nappy-free. However, you might choose to leave your little ones in nappies a little longer if they end up wetting the bed at night. You can get them a separate bed to prevent them from wetting yours!

Tips for helping your child stay dry at night
– Start nighttime training when your child is sound asleep. This way, they won’t feel the urge to pee or wakeup in the middle of the night.
– Add “trip to the toilet” into your child’s bedtime routine. Make this the last option they do before they go to sleep.
– Train your child to inculcate the habit of drinking plenty of water through the day and a small quantity of water right before bedtime.
– Make sure you get a good quality, fitted, waterproof mattress protector. You can get two if possible – one for you and the other for your children. A waterproof sheet will prevent you from remaking the entire bed.
– For every morning your child makes through, celebrate their achievement. Tell them you are of them. If they don’t make it through, encourage them and continue training them
– Remember that there is no toilet training deadline. Do not stop training your child; teach them until they are ready to ditch the nappies at night easily.
– If you have night trained your child and he or she continue wetting the bed, there is no need to worry. Some children continue bedwetting until they are aged 7 or 8., and this is normal.