7 tips for developing a child’s passion for reading

Most of the parents nowadays are anxious about the reading habits of their kids in the initial phase of learning. Some children are fond of reading and take it as a pleasurable hobby, but most of the children do not like it that much.

Now, this is an undeniable fact that good reading skills are essential for the development of a child’s intellectual abilities. So, this is the responsibility of parents to make efforts towards driving their child’s interest towards reading from a very early age. Below mentioned are seven amazing tips which can help in developing a child’s passion for reading.

Create an interesting reading room

A well designed and attractive reading corner with some catchy furniture will grab the attention of kids. They start enjoying the whole ambience and learn reading on their own. They pick up books and try to make stories from the pictures.

Make reading a fun activity

Parents should always try to introduce some interesting and fun facts to the whole reading scenario to develop their child’s interest towards reading. For instance, they can demonstrate any story by making the child a part of it to fascinate him towards reading the story on his own.

Arousing curiosity of children

It is critical to making reading an interesting activity for children so that they are always curious to read by themselves. They may be asked a question in the form of a riddle, to arouse their curiosity. When their interest develops in the question, they may be given a hint about the answer hidden in a book. It will make them search for the answer by themselves by reading the book.

Whenever children ask any questions, parents must respond to even their weirdest doubt so that their curiosity level is always on point. This kind of learning is inquiry-based learning, and it is very beneficial for the reading habits of children.

Reading aloud  is a great idea

Reading aloud to the child from birth is very fruitful in developing their reading habits. They learn new words and their interest towards reading is significantly affected positively. The essential language development of children also takes place much earlier and effectively because of reading aloud to them.

Keep it easy going and hassle-free

Parents should never force reading on their children. It will kill their interest and ultimately affect their progress in academics afterwards. They should be made to learn in a secured and relaxed environment with a lot of fun quotient. Their interest may be enhanced by exposing them to letters, pictures and sounds. Let them learn by themselves, do not push or teach them deliberately.

Making the reading process a challenge

Parents can make reading an interesting task by setting up specific goals for the kids and motivating them towards their accomplishment. Providing certain challenges in the form of various games and rewarding the kids with their favourite things on the achievement motivates them to a very great extent.

Selection of books according to interest

Books should be selected wisely according to the content and presentation style which creates excitement and a kind of curiosity in children. The presentation should be like that a child immediately gets attracted to read it by looking at the interesting pictures and colours.