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6 steps to help kids refresh and rejuvenate before school starts again!

Preparing the kids for back to school time, as the new session begins after the long holidays is a challenging job. It is equally difficult both for the kids as well as parents as they have to again adapt to the changed schedules. Children need to be rejuvenated and revived when they have to start again with the same routine. They must regain their energy levels to get back to books, friends, teachers and the environment.

If children are exposed to tiring tasks and activities throughout the holidays, they feel lethargic, and it becomes complicated for them to regain their interest in school. Parents need to put some extra efforts to prepare their children mentally and physically in adjusting themselves according to the new change.  It will be even better if they are already provided with a simulation (of school) kind of environment throughout the holidays which does not affect their routine and health much in a detrimental way.

Here are some useful steps to make the school ready after the vacations with the same enthusiasm.

Track and reduce the screen time

Kids nowadays are addicted to mobiles, tabs and other gadgets which affect their energy levels. Parents should limit the screen time of their kids considerably as their tiny brains are stressed too much if they are continuously engaged with the screen.  They should not be allowed to be busy with the screen for more than 2 hours a day.

Limit your outdoor activities

It is good to plan activities for kids outside the home, but make sure that the number is limited to one activity each day.  It may be a refreshing and enjoyable experience for them, but it reduces their energy levels to a great extent. It will be better if they get sufficient time to rest at home after they come back from an outside trip.

Gardening with kids is a great idea

It is the best idea which can help to engage the kids in some productive and fruitful work for their holidays.  When the little hands are allowed to show their skills with mud, they not only enjoy their time but also learn environment awareness. This will divert their minds to some great activities without making them stressed out.

Allow them to indulge in some open-ended play

When the kids are let free to indulge in an open-ended game, they learn to express and create. When kids get real materials like wet sand or moulding clay, they explore various possibilities and showcase their abilities and talent. These kinds of activities become enjoyable for them without making them exhausted as they very keenly participate and are always ready to learn something new.

Reading some interesting books together

It will be a loving and caring gesture for the kids if parents read some excellent books with them. Make a comfortable environment, get some of the favourite snacks of your kids and read a book of their interest. That will be an energy booster for them.

Involve them in some home based craft activities

Some easy and exciting craft activities are a perfect idea to keep the tiny tots busy in some productive work, without making them tired and restless. Parents can get involved with their kids in making some real masterpieces appropriate for their age to make them happily busy. This not only refreshes them but also raises their creativity level.