5 Toilet Training Tips For Girls

Training young boys and girls for most things like sleeping, eating, walking, reading and writing is the same. However, due to different anatomy, their toilet training process is slightly different.

While a large part of the toilet training process for boys and girls is similar, it varies in some aspects. Given below are some special toilet training tips for girls:

Teach Her How to Wipe Correctly

Teaching your girl to wipe properly after the job is done is a major part of toilet training. Since she might forget, you need to keep enforcing that the best way to wipe is from front to back as it is the most hygienic way. Explain to her that if she does it the other way, it can lead to vaginal and urinary tract infections because poo particles can be wiped onto her sensitive private parts. To get her into the habit of wiping correctly, make sure she wipes even if she has just used the washroom to wee and not to poo.

Make Sure Her Clothes Are Comfortable To Wear and To Remove

Especially while your daughter is getting toilet trained, make sure that she is comfortable handling her clothes. The process becomes a whole lot easier. Pants, shorts or jumpers aren’t the best as they need to be completely removed. Dresses and skirts are ideal as they do not need to be removed and can just be lifted and held. However, prompt her that she must lift up her dress or skirt so that she doesn’t spoil them while she wees or poo.

Girls can be toilet trained earlier than boys

Girls generally show signs of readiness to be potty trained before boys of the same age. However, this might not hold true in all cases. So, don’t force her and try to educate her as and when she is ready to undergo the toilet training process. Also, do not compare her age of being trained to others her age.

Teach By Showing

Kids pick up things by imitating their parents or elders around them. It is one of the best tried and tested ways to learn. Let your daughter watch you use the washroom. Also, explain to her in detail the process of washroom hygiene. This way, she will pick up the steps that need to be followed, the correct way of wiping and learn how to use the toilet properly in no time.

Let Her Make Mistakes

While imitation may be the best way to learn, your daughter might try to imitate her father or brother if she sees them using the washroom. Therefore, she might try to wee while standing.  Over time, she will realize that what she is doing is wrong and is meant only for males. Like imitation, committing some mistakes is also a great way to learn. While she may not determine what to do, she will for sure learn what not to do.

Use these tips to make your daughter’s toilet training process a breeze.

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