5 kid-friendly activities to do in Melbourne

Melbourne can sometimes be stereotyped as a classy, artsy and Michelin star loaded place. You’d think that only adults can have fun in Melbourne, but that’s not the case. There are plenty of things to do with kids here in this lively city. So we have come up with a list of things to do in Melbourne that are kid-friendly and enjoyable for adults too.

1. Luna Park
Luna Park is a very famous Park in Melbourne, and a child is incomplete without setting foot here. The infamous massive entry gate that is shaped like a head and has a mouth that you have to walk through is a delight for kids. Luna Park gets kids excited at the get-go which is excellent. This park has the oldest running wooden roller coaster that gives you a whole ride around the park. It is a Railway Roller Coaster designed to provide you with not only thrill but also a scenic view of Port Philip Bay from the top. Pretty cool, right?
Luna Park Melbourne

2. Clip N’ Climb
Clip N’ Climb is an adventure theme park that has an array of almost 33 different rock climbs to enjoy. Kids who like the outdoors and adventure will go crazy here. The different climbs are designed for children from all age groups since they are also different in themes and levels of difficulties.
Although the tiny ones can have fun just exploring and trying new things, the bigger kids will love the experience on the whole.
Clip ‘n Climb, Richmond

3. Animal Land Children’s Farm
Just like the name suggests this place offers children to get a hands-on experience of life on a farm and breeding cattle. You can expect all sorts of farm animals here from cows, sheep, and goats to ducks. It is a great way to spend an entire day with children exploring and understanding the working of a farm and what jobs to all the farm animals do. The people there are super friendly and will give you a warm country welcome when you first get there.
Animal Land Children’s Farm

4. Trees Adventure
Trees Adventure is one of the best Tree ropes and zip line adventure experience. The three ropes are an exciting tree climbing experience for children as well as adults that is safe and secure, so you don’t have to worry. They have a 2-hour training session before you start your day and they have supervisors all around. The harnesses are perfect, and it’s one of the most fun and adventurous things to do in Melbourne with your children.
Trees Adventure, Otway Park

5. Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium
Sea Life in Melbourne is way more than just an old aquarium with a variety of fish in tanks. It’s a beautifully themed place with beautiful and unique marine animals for your children to ogle at. They recently had penguins in their exhibition, and the children were allowed to play with them. You and the children will enjoy watching jellyfish and blue rays and sharks above you as you walk through the tunnels. Sea Life has over 12 different themed zones for children to discover and explore in.
Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium