5 fun things to experience with kids in Adelaide

Adelaide is the most beautiful and vibrant city in Australia. A city that is home to some fantastic museums and art galleries has lots of things to see and do even if you are passing by. If you do plan to stay a while and you’re with children you can still have fun here. There are so many kid-friendly activities for children to partake in. It can be fun and adventurous for parents and kids.

Adelaide Zoo
Every city has a zoo, and it’s one of the best places to take children to. Children love getting to know different animals, and it’s a great learning experience for them. Adelaide Zoo is an amazing kid-friendly place for the whole family to enjoy it. The Zoo has a yearly pass too which is convenient for people living there. Their recent addition of pandas will surely leave children delighted. Adelaide Zoo is a number one visit for children that they’ll love and enjoy.

West beach and mini golf
West beach in itself is a calm and lovely beach for a picnic outside with children. It’s less crowded and dog-friendly too. Spend a day at this quiet beach letting your children explore the ocean. But if you’re not too keen on playing in the water and sand, you can also play mini golf. It’s a great way to teach your child a new sport and enjoy it yourself too. There are food and drinks available at the West Beach Mini Golf. It makes it a fun way to spend your day with your children.

Visit the National Railway Museum
Museums might sound boring to your child, but this place is like no other. With model trains to look and real train rides around the museum, your child will love it here. It is the largest railway museum in Australia. It has an extensive and amazing list of display of old and modern trains that you can explore. The renovated trains can also be ridden since there is a rail track inside the museum.

Cleveland Wildlife Park
If your children are animal lovers, they will adore this place. Less than twenty minutes from the city centre, Cleveland Wildlife Park has some iconic inhabitants inside. Your children will have a great experience here. They will get to learn about the original habitats of Australia that are so well kept. You can feed kangaroos and hold koalas in your hands. With over 130 variety of animals that inhabit Australia Cleveland national park will be a hit amongst children.

Adelaide Ice Arena
Beginners at ice skating or those who can skate well will all enjoy at the ice arena. It’s a children’s instant favourite. Being chilly and skating around the stadium will make any child happy. The ice arena also organised events and games throughout the year for children. If you manage to catch one, don’t miss out on it. You and your children can spend a whole day here. There is hot food available and drinks too. The ice arena also has sessions and classes for children who would like to learn. If you’re staying in Adelaide, do check out their offers.