5 easy ways to nurture the imagination of your child

We are often astonished by the imagination of our children. They are curious about little things in life and never run short of exciting stories and imaginative ideas. Some such stories bring a spark in our mundane life and often help us stay relaxed and focus. As parents, you must ensure that the imagination of your child is nourished. So, here are some easy ways to nurture the imagination of your child.

1. Sharing Stories:
Stories and books play an important role in encouraging the imagination of children. It is a good idea to read a book together. Storylines help children in coming up with unique ideas and is a great way to nurture their imagination. Making up stories can be an exciting activity for kids. It helps in developing their narrative skills and self-confidence.

2. Flexibility is Important:
Does your little one want to go to the day-care in Spiderman’s outfit? If there is no problem with it, you should allow this and let your child enjoy the little things in life. Through such small things, toddlers will not have good boundaries. So, if it is possible, do not enforce rules, at least at an early stage. Let your little one enjoy complete freedom.

3. Creativity is Important:
Give your toddler enough freedom to be original. Let your toddler, paint, sculpt or build anything which catches the attention. You can encourage creativity with the use of material such as building blocks, cardboard boxes, leaves, twigs and more. It is recommended not to put their imagination in boundaries. Yes, a few things might get messy, but it will help in nurturing the imagination of little ones.

4. Imaginative Play Helps:
Is your child too creative? Is your little one, quite imaginative and uses your old shirt as a doctor’s coat? Well, do not stop your little one if you find your little one is always imaginative. Is your child imaginatively using old clothing for dress-ups and they look lovely? If you are the proud parent of a small imaginative child, you will notice that your child is creating several made-up characters. Imaginative play helps in developing creative skills, brings in the sense of confidence and will assist in increasing awareness about everything which is around them.

5. Use Outdoors:
You can move out for a pleasant walk and spot all the things which come your way. It is an excellent way to make a right and exciting story. Do you know that nice knots in a tree can be a right elf door? That’s not all – leaves and the twigs which are present can be used to create a fantastic picture. They can even be used for making a delightful fairy world. You need to talk about everything you get to see, which can be spiders web, the grasshoppers or the cars and trees, which can all have their story and personality.

So, let your child think, be creative and explore the world!